Crack Down on Golf in China

On the 18th, The New York Times published an interesting article about the recent crack down on golf in China. President Xi Jingping claims that party officials are abusing golf and using it for “a public relations tool.”

Also, the article says that a top official at the Commerce Ministry is under investigation for letting another company foot the bill for his golf game. The anti corruption has even set up a hotline where people can report illegal activity in connection with golf.

In the southern province of Guangdong it is forbidden for party officials to play golf at any time during the business day to prevent “unclean behavior and disciplinary or legal conduct.” This seems like a fairly obvious rule to me and it seems ridiculous that officials would golf during the business day.

While I never originally associated golf with bribes, power, and illegal activity, this article caused me to see the game in an entirely new light. Golf does seem to be an activity favored by the world’s most powerful business people and I could see how it could be a source of corruption.

I don’t agree with the president’s decision to target golfing, but his argument made me see golf in a way that I never had before.

Read the full article here:


One thought on “Crack Down on Golf in China

  1. I read this article too. I think a lot of what the article said can be applied to the U.S. – a lot of employers will take potential employees out for a round of golf. I also think there is definitely an elite element to the sport of golf. Then there’s practical things that came up with China and golf like limited water and arable land that the courses take up. The article just tied in a lot of big ideas.


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